Foreword - More Emphasis on the How vs. the What

by Robert E. Yager, PHD

Past NSTA President Dr. Robert Yager discusses the relevance of Look at Us Now! Making Scientific Practices Matter in the Classroom…and Beyond in the context of the current education reform movement, STEM, the national standards’ More Emphasis conditions and the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS).

“Too often current reform efforts start with content to be taught without attention to the acts of teaching. Look at Us Now! is an exciting book and the exception to the rule that focuses on how the art of teaching must be improved for the reforms to succeed.”

“The release of ‘Look at Us Now!’ could not have been timelier. How scientific practices are mastered is just as important as the mastery of the practices themselves and this is a time of urgency for how the NGSS will be approached at the classroom level. The relevance of the content of this book is very important for the interpretation of how the NGSS will be approached at K-12 classroom levels. As you will discover, the scientific inquiry model presented in the pages of this book provides a tool for learning that can motivate students to learn in all content areas as well as bridge diverse content areas such as the four content areas of STEM.”

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