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Below are brief descriptions of the content contained in each chapter of Look at Us Now! Making Scientific Practices Matter in the Classroom…and Beyond. Each of the scientific inquiry descriptions written by classroom teachers (Chapters 2 through 11) contain numerous instances of the National Standards More Emphasis conditions being met along with reflection about the adjustments made by teachers and/or students to achieve them. The chapters also identify the National and State education standards addressed within each investigation.

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Table of Contents

Foreword: More Emphasis on the How vs. the What
Chapter 1: Supporting the Next Generation of Scientific Practices with More Emphasis on Learners and Their Thinking
Chapter 2: Spilling of Old Knowledge onto New Ways of Learning
Chapter 3: Caterpillar to Butterfly: Transforming Kindergartners into Scientific Inquirers
Chapter 4: How Noisy Is Sound? Science Building on Science
Chapter 5: RIP®~ing Beyond Science with Slippers and M&M’s (Critical Thinking in Social Studies and Mathematics)
Chapter 6: If Students RIP® into Termite Nature, Then They Will Build Science Understanding Because Inquiry Leads to Knowledge
Chapter 7: The Special Needs Student and Scientific Inquiry: A Successful Tale
Chapter 8: Magnifying Student Wonder Through Scientific Inquiry
Chapter 9: S-c-i-e-n-c-e in Our Class Spells Fun!
Chapter 10: Should I Keep My Lucky Socks?
Chapter 11: Cigarette Smokers Conclude "Not in My Body!"
Chapter 12: RIP®~ing Away Barriers to Science Education: Inquiry Through the Research Investigation Process
Chapter 13: Impact of Instruction Through Scientific Inquiry Using the RIP® Model

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