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Look at Us Now! Making Scientific Practices Matter in the Classroom...and Beyond

Teachers! With the dramatic exponential changes occurring in today’s world, society sees YOU as the difference between student success and failure in school and beyond. So, what do you need in your toolbox to deliver the success? We often talk about what it is the student must learn to succeed, but rarely how they will learn it. Imagine a classroom culture in which your students actually take the lead in how the content is learned—not only science, but all content. Enter the use of scientific practices to teach your standards-based content!

This book is written for you, the teacher, by teachers who have transformed themselves and their students using scientific inquiry to bring a balance of rigor, joy, and excitement into the world of learning. Their lessons and experiences serve as a model for how you can make the adjustments that will establish in the classroom the conditions necessary for true reform to succeed—the type envisioned in both yesterday's and today's standards—and the outcomes to be expected.

  • 456 pages
  • 140 illustrations

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View video featuring Chapter 4 author Wendy Gonsalves’s third grade students reflecting on their use of the RIP® to learn science and other standards-based content.